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We have supported over 200 lenders, brokers and suppliers to meet FCA regulatory requirements and manage regulatory risk without disproportionate time and cost.  Services include:

  • Full and limited permission FCA consumer credit applications

  • Support with Appointed Representative and Agent arrangements

  • Regulatory policies and procedures that are meaningful to the business - we avoid boilerplate!

  • Staff training on regulatory matters including FCA SMCR

  • Compliance framework reviews

  • Support with occasional regulatory compliance problems


We participate in one-off or ongoing reviews of lenders, focusing on regulatory compliance including disclosures, creditworthiness and affordability, and collections. Services include: 

  • Regulatory reviews for acquisition due diligence

  • External reviews as part of firms' internal risk management arrangements

  • Advice to potential investors on issues to review  

  • Regular monitoring of lenders on behalf of investors


We offer a range of unique resources for lenders and others with an interest in the asset and consumer finance markets, both as reports and bespoke research. Publications include:

  • A to Z of Leasing and Asset Finance

  • Asset Finance 50 ranking survey (published with Asset Finance International)

  • Top UK lessees survey

  • Directory of asset finance brokers

  • Asset finance  comparative data

  • Consumer credit market insight reports into Retail Point of Sale Finance, Consumer Credit Debt Purchase and Collection, and Non-Prime Credit (published by Apex Insight)

Latest market insights and analysis
Business lending and leasing
Consumer lending and collections
About us
Since 2014, Asset Finance Policy (AFP) has provided consulting services to asset finance lenders, brokers and suppliers. AFP has supported over 200 clients, from one-person brokerages to international banks.
Julian Rose, Director of AFP, was previously the Finance and Leasing Association's Head of Asset Finance from 2008 to 2014.  He previously worked with two regulators, the Competition Commission and the Financial Reporting Council, in management consultancy with KPMG and PwC and in industry with UPS and NCR Computers.
From 2016 to 2020 Julian was a Non-Executive Director at Arkle Finance where he established and chaired Arkle's Risk Committee. Currently in addition to running AFP, Julian has roles with market analysis and consulting firm Apex Insight, financial services advisory firm          T. Mistry & Associates (TMA) and Leaseurope, the European federation of leasing and car rental associations. 
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