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Postcode sector analysis could provide rapid assurance on the risks of further multi-financing fraud

In November, I suggested a need for the 'asset register that isn't an asset register' in my blog here (and see LinkedIn comments here).

Following last week's release of the statement of administrator's proposal for the Arena Television, and the significant media coverage (e.g. Times report here), the benefits of a very simple and fast check to help identify risks of other significant asset multi-financing - however unlikely that is - seem significant.

All that's needed here, I believe, is a consolidated list of the postcode sector (the first four digits of the postcode) for the trading addresses of lessees for every live contract. No client names, no assets, no values, no tricky data compilation. No confidentiality or competition concerns needing further investigation.

True, this won't provide definitive answers, but if there were many contracts linked to the same location, it might prompt a need for more analysis and asset inspections.

The business case for a more complete register remains strong but this is about what can be done immediately and, as it happens, at minimal cost. Contract me if this is of interest, as I could either facilitate the list or support others wishing to do so.


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